Judge Lawrence Waddington (Ret.) reads and digests the latest court cases on arbitration and ADR as they are decided. He provides detailed summaries and analysis in an online publication that also includes practice tips  in state and federal courts. The text is available here in subscription form.

Access the text to gain access to all U.S. Supreme Court, Circuit Court of Appeals, and California cases.  Whether crafting an arbitration agreement, drafting a petition to compel arbitration, challenging an arbitration agreement, conducting an arbitration or ADR process, confirming or vacating an award, considering an appeal, the lawyer must prepare consistent with judicial decisions and relevant statutory law.

The text also includes cases on arbitrator disclosure, mediation, judicial reference, and early neutral evaluation. To review the extensive subject matter of the text in the Table of Contents , click on the "more on ADR" button to the right of this page.

Arbitration/ADR enables two or more parties to resolve their dispute peacefully and out of court. Arbitrated or mediated by an ADR professional they select, the parties draft their own dispute resolution process. But lawyers and judges must be aware of cases decided by state and federal courts applicable to arbitration or ADR. [more on ADR]

The Hon. Lawrence Waddington, RET.

• Published Author • Retired L.A. County
Superior Court Judge • Arbitration (ADR) Specialist • International Speaker